Vegan Chocolate Tiffin

This is one of my favourite sweet treats but please note just because its vegan doesn’t mean its healthy! It is however delicious and crazy moreish so you’ve been warned!

What you need:

> 250g ‘butter’

> 4 Tbsp Sugar (I always use coconut sugar because its unrefined and a little sweeter so I can use slightly less)

> 4 Tbsp Syrup (any syrup works , I use Agave but you can use Mapel, Golden etc it just depends what kind of sweetness you want)

> 6 Tbsp Cocoa powder

> Aprx 20 rich tea biscuits (or any plain biscuits you can find)  broken up by hand into small pieces.

> 2 handfuls of raisins

> 2 bars of ‘milk’ chocolate (moo free do a great plain milk chocolate bar which you can get at most supermarkets)

> 1 bar of dark chocolate

> 1 foil tray (you can just use a baking tray lined with grease proof paper however the disposable foil ones make it easier when it comes to slicing your tiffin.

In a large pan melt the butter with the sugar, syrup and cocoa powder, mix it well until it looks like thick melted chocolate.

Take off the heat and add in your raisins and rich tea biscuits, keep mixing until all the biscuit pieces and raisins are covered in chocolate, transfer mixture onto a foil tray and set aside.

Break up the 2 milk chocolate bars into a glass bowl and do the same into a separate glass bowl with the dark chocolate and melt them both. Once melted poor the dark chocolate into the milk chocolate, stir a couple of times but don’t combine, then poor all the chocolate on top of your mixture, spread it by gently tipping the tray and let the chocolate fill up to the edges. You should still be able to see the dark and milk chocolate are separate, now with the end of a spoon or a cooking thermometer or anything pointy swirl through the mixture to creat a marble effect.
When your happy with your marbling pop your tiffin in the fridge to set, it usually only takes a couple of hours but once the chocolate has set on top you’re good to go!

Once its ready slice slice using a sharp kitchen knife, its quite rich so I find its best to keep the slices small!



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